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Acrylic Letter

What is the Mini Sign letter?
•Mini letter (3D stereo) double bevel acrylic luminous characters, because of the small, thin, light so called mini letter.
•Appearance is better than ordinary advertising letters, very stylish and charming advertising technology products.
•Application areas: including middle and high places, brand stores, brand chain stores, and etc.
What is the features of Mini letter?
•Brightness uniform and soft;
•Color changeable, free collocation; (by film free to change the light color)
•strong sense of three-dimensional (inclined 3D, corner sharp, good visual effect);
•Letter color can keep a very long time and no any changes;
•Production efficiency;
•Easy maintenance (inside the LED lamp can be removed out of repair);
•Long life (good weatherability);
•Compressive strength. (ultra-thin, ultra light, not easy to be damaged, suitable for express delivery)
Which machine should I choose for making this kind of letter?
•For this kind of letter you need not only the commen router, you have to get one router which can also engrave the 3D letters.
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