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Resin Letter

What is the Epoxy resin letter?
•The resin letter is made up of three parts, the shell, the filling material, the light source.
•The shell part is made of plastic (ABS) injection molding or metal plate (metal, stainless steel, titanium metal, etc.) welding forming;
•The shell is filled with epoxy resin casting natural flow flat molding;
•Light source adopts a super high brightness semiconductor light-emitting diode (LED) chip module.
•The brightness compared with acrylic luminous characters is more than doubled, beautiful and exquisite.
What is the features of resin letter?
•Strong wind resistance, good sealing performance: resin light emitting word is not only anti -ash, dust, waterproof, not only effective to ensure the brightness of the font, but also to enhance the ability of the high altitude. Can be installed in indoor, high-altitude, cistern, wall and other buildings.
•The effect is changeable, the color is free to mix: can freely allocate the necessary color, meet the requirements of the enterprise image personalization. Front, side, the whole can be luminous, light transmittance, strong sense of three-dimensional. The use of imported paste, five years do not fade.
•Luminous uniform and high brightness quality: resin light-emitting word shell to ensure the filling material of the casting and its solid form, and the internal light to effectively reflect, to avoid the waste of energy; filling material to ensure the light penetration and uniform diffusion. Compared with the traditional acrylic luminous characters, the same light source, high luminous brightness nearly doubled.
•Epoxy resin is a non hazardous chemicals, will not explode, burning, will not constitute a danger to the use of enterprises.
Which machine should I choose for making this kind of letter?
•Resin letters is normally made of mirror stainless steel channel, this would be more beautiful and capable, that means you have to get the machine laser cutter (GY-1325M), laser welder (GY-W500F), and letter bender (VAM-S5) for a full signage making solution.
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