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About Stainless steel sign letter
•Stainless steel sign letter is a kind of high-grade outdoor advertising signs, it can be made with acrylic letter, also can make it with the blister, and also can be made of all the stainless steel material.
•Stainless steel sign letter use 304 # stainless steel plate cutting, grinding, polishing, electroplating process, such as mirror brightness can reach 18 k, 24 k, stainless steel grey mirror never fade, glyph beautiful generous, commonly used in high-rise office floor elevator guide words, hotel door, such as the size of the word can do 3 cm -20 cm.
•It is beautiful, and strong stereo sense, high fastness. Stainless steel material: 304 # and 201 # stainless steel material thickness is divided into: 1.0 mm to 2.0 mm.
•It is generally used in company logo signs, logo wall, outdoor advertising, and etc.
Which machine should I choose for making this kind of letter?
•Firstly, you have to get one laser cutter for metal, the laser cutter for metal and nonmetal model GY-1325M as our recommendantion. Secondly, if you work with basic simple jobs, our letter bender model VAM-S3 is enough, and also the high-end model VAM-S5 can cover all your metal jobs if you have enough budget. Besides, you probably need another equipment to make a high efficiency work, that is the laser welding machine, basic model GY-W300 or the top welder also for welding aluminum GY-W500F.
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